Being partnered with a Tribal-Owned 8(a) firm will give your business an advantage in selling your products and services to the federal government.

What is a tribal-owned 8(a) company?

  • Must be a small business as defined by the SBA, as determined by their NAICS code and the SBA size standard table.

  • 51% must be owned by a federal or state recognized Tribe.

  • Contracts award cannot be protested.

  • Can receive no bid 8(a) Sole Source contract awards.

The government is committed to buying from small disadvantaged 8(a) companies. Agencies set goals to help small, disadvantaged, women-owned, Veteran-owned, and HUBZone businesses. Each agency must report on how well they accomplish these goals for awarding contracts and subcontracting with small businesses. Some agencies use “set-asides” on certain contracts that reserve sales to 8(a) or other small business groups.

Every year hundreds of 8(a) companies are “promoted or graduated” out of the 8(a) program. Many are “promoted” out before the nine year period has expired, as they were so successful their sales exceeded the allocated sales ceiling, as determined by their NAICS code. If your company is interested in applying for a position as a capability provider for a Tribal 8(a) team, contact us for an initial interview.

JoMel Consulting wants to help with sales and marketing for 8(a) companies with whom they have an agreement. JoMel is prepared to use the unique strategic sales and marketing advantage 8(a) companies have.
JoMel has the resources, the experience, and the connections to make sure that the first year is successful, as well as the remaining eight years of your 8(a) program.